Our Catalyst Core Values

So what kind of church are you?  What do you believe?  Who are you affiliated with?

Interesting questions.

The easy answer would be to say “It’s hard to explain so come check us out.”  That’s not really a fair answer though.  Everything we believe is built around a starting point that God revealed Himself through Jesus, made a way for our personal salvation through Christ’s death and resurrection, and wants us to follow Jesus in every facet of our lives. This following is empowered by the Holy Spirit, which may sound a little freaky, but it basically is God’s voice and presence which is active in the lives of every follower of Jesus.

Now, what does that look and sound like?  What’s our method?

We know that all institutions in this life are temporary.  Nothing lasts forever on this side of heaven.  Even churches.  What are we giving ourselves to as a church that is eternal?  Jesus’ unstoppable Kingdom.  It’s a Kingdom with no end.  We believe that there are 6 values of this unstoppable Kingdom that we are compelled as a church to give our time, talents and treasures to.

We value reproduction and health.  We’re instructed by Jesus to make more and better disciples.  We’re committed to not just make “insiders” happy.  Rather, we’re committed to do making our highest priority helping people who are still seeking to connect with God personally.

We value spiritual unity.  We believe that life was meant to be lived best in close relationship with others.  Not everyone.  But a small group of “someones” who know us at the deepest levels and push us to be more like Jesus.  Catalyst Life Together Groups are the heart of Catalyst Church, and we encourage everyone who calls Catalyst their church to be part of one regularly.

We value neighboring.  We use the term partnership, but neighboring is a bigger principle which invites us to serve others around and love them as God loved us in very intentional ways.  Partnership is a systemic means by which we work together to love our neighbors.  But neighboring is an individual, organic work of the Holy Spirit through us in others.

We value generosity.  We believe that while generous is not the only word that describes God’s love for us, we certainly acknowledge humanity’s undeserved grace that God gave freely of Himself.  We want to be channels of generosity in every way, a church that gives away resources, service, and shares our talents and dollars with those in need  just because it’s what Jesus would do.

We value advancement.  We want to intentionally advance this unstoppable Kingdom.  We’re committed to helping partner with new churches in fulfilling this focus.  Our desire is to always be focused on growth.  Healthy organisms grow and multiply.  We think great churches should be healthy organisms that grow and multiply as well.  So we’ll seek to grow and also commit resources toward multiplication.

For more insight on the values of the Unstoppable Kingdom we’re pursuing, check out the podcasts from the Unstoppable Series.  You can find podcasts on our iTunes page, our Podbean page, or through the links below.

Reproduction and Health
Spiritual Unity
Advancement and Generosity

Lots of info here that may have left you with more questions than answers.  Our Explore Catalyst gatherings might be a great place to go deeper with the conversation and get your questions answered.  Explore gatherings are typically held the second Sunday of each month following weekend worship services.  You can register online for the next Explore event here.