Catalyst Youth

Our Catalyst youth ministry is known as X-Change.  The ministry is focused on relationship-building and discipleship.  Leaders are working together to create opportunities for students to grow in their spiritual life and develop their relationship with Christ.  

Youth programming for grades 5 and up is held on Fridays in the early evening. Students enjoy fellowshipping with other students and adult leaders through fun-filled lessons and devotionals accompanied by community-service and community development activities.  At least once a month, students cook and enjoy a dinner with one another.

On Sunday mornings, students in fifth through eighth grades enjoy worship with their families in service. Students then transition with their peers to the “Hub” to interact with a rotation of leaders who offer lessons, training, and encouragement that center around developing spiritual disciplines for weekly practice.

Catalyst Youth Leaders are committed to weekly prayer and connection with the students.  Student profiles have been created (and continue as new students join) that provide learning tools for adult leaders to connect with students. Catalyst Youth Leaders work directly with Catalyst Kidz leaders to help provide continuity and support for the overall development of students.  A significant amount of attention is given to developing leaders and creating an infrastructure that will support healthy growth and relevant ministry practices.