Child Dedication

Catalyst is a place where we love kids of all ages.  We believe it’s our honor to partner with parents and families in guiding kids toward a life-long relationship with Jesus.  That guidance happens over the course of weeks and months and years, and we’re highly committed to making every part of that journey for kids as life-giving as possible.

One of the tangible commitment steps families sometimes choose to take publicly is Child Dedication.  Child dedication is a statement of commitment to mutual partnership with Catalyst by families to raise their children to know and love Jesus with their whole lives.  Child dedication isn’t infant baptism.  We believe that baptism is a personal choice that should be made by each individual for themselves.  Child dedication really is more of a dedication ceremony by parents, family members, and the church, to partner and resource each other to guide a child through the first and next steps in their spiritual journey.

For more information on child dedication, see our Child Dedication FAQs.

If you’re interested in being part of our next Child Dedication at Catalyst, please complete and return the form here to a Catalyst staff team member.
child dedication form