It’s an incredible moment when anyone decides to “Go Public” with a relationship with Jesus.  Baptism is one of those incredible moments that we love to celebrate together as a church.  Often people have questions about what baptism is all about, why we do it and how often we do it, and even things like, “so what do I wear or how do I know the procedure?”

To help with this, we’ve created a Baptism F.A.Q.s sheet, which you can find below

Of course, if there are questions you have that we haven’t covered well, we always offer a Baptism 101 class for adults and kids who are interested in the 2-3 weeks preceding baptism weekends at Catalyst.  We want you to be well informed about the “Go Public” decision you’re making, and also well prepared for the celebration of this incredible moment of faith in your life.

If you’re interested in being part of our next baptism Sunday, please download, complete and return this baptism information sheet to the Catalyst staff.

Baptism Form

Baptism FAQs