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We know that checking out a new church for the first time can be a risky adventure.  Sometimes it can be even more complicated to find the on-ramp to “plugging in.”  At Catalyst, we want to make the path as clear as possible to help you feel part of the tribe.

On Ramps come in two styles, basically as the answer to two different questions.

How do I take a first step in relationship with God?
 relationship with God begins wherever you are at this moment.  There’s not a set of things you need to know or understand from the Bible, no church history or background you must have in order to connect with Christ.  In fact, Christ has already been waiting to begin this lifelong journey with you.  Our relationship with God comes to fulfillment as we give our life’s leadership and authority over to Jesus, asking for the forgiveness of our sin (which was what has separated us from God to begin with) and to take authority over every area of our being.  When we do this, the presence of God comes to live within us, and God’s Spirit begins an active role in our mind, heart and actions.

The scriptures challenge us that as a demonstration of our personal inward commitment to this relationship with Jesus, we are invited to “Go public” with this new faith through baptism.  More info on what baptism means and is all about can be found here.

How do I take a first step in relationship with Catalyst?
Catalyst is unique in our stance that we don’t have a formal process of church membership like many traditional churches.  This means that you get to decide that this is your tribe, the place where and people with whom you and your family want to journey with God for as long as God directs.  Being part of the tribe is equal parts opportunity and responsibility.  All the benefits of the tribe are now ours, and all the responsibilities for lifting other members of the tribe toward God and His desires for their life rest on us as well.

One of the first step on-ramps to discovering more about what it means to be part of Catalyst is through Explore.  Explore Catalyst is a 90 minute opportunity to connect with Pastor Chris and Carlotta Denney for dinner, an opportunity to hear a little more about how we began as a church, how to take a next step of involvement here at Catalyst and to ask any questions you may have about the Catalyst tribe!  Explore Events are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month, we always provide lunch and childcare as well.  We love for everyone to take the step of attending Explore because it helps us all start on the same page toward building the same culture and knowing how we can help you grow to become all God has for you!

Life Together groups are also a huge part of the culture of Catalyst.  Life together groups are the heartbeat of Catalyst, the place where deep friendships are formed, and we find application in the truths from God we’re uncovering together as a church.  Groups meet weekly, many are kid-friendly, and all are a place where you can process faith questions and insights among a group of people growing and learning just like you!  We’d love to help you check out a group and get connected with a great group of people.  Joe Davis is our life together group director and would be happy to help you make a connection with one of our LTG’s!


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