What We Do

At Catalyst we have made the clear determination that we’re not going to be a program driven church.  We’re not about creating lots of activities to keep your family busy.  We’re much more committed to providing a few strategic connection points that help us build relationships together, take the next step in our relationships with God, and do good in our community.

We do:

Weekend gatherings for adults
We believe that singing together, hearing God’s Word explained and applied together, and catching up together for an hour or so each week isn’t just something people should do. Gatherings are a significant part of the process of taking first steps and next steps in our faith journey. We need avenues to express something to God together. We need to be encouraged by others’ stories as a large group.

Incredible Kids Ministry through CKidz
We believe that our kids need great places to connect with God and with each other too. Our Ckidz environments will engage and energize your kids, help them to know the very most important things about a connection with Jesus. Our Ckidz staff will also be your partner to help resource your family to lead your kids spiritually. It may sound intimidating…we promise we’re here to help you lead your kids to take great first steps and next steps with Jesus.

Building a Student Ministry Movement (Xchange and Collide)
We believe that middle and high school students are at a unique place in life where a spiritual journey really begins to take new strides. Xchange (5th-6th) and Collide (7th-8th) help guide students’ strides in a way that pursues a path toward Jesus’ greatest opportunities for their life, helps make their faith more personal and applicable, and solidifies the types of friendships they build into ones which will help them make great decisions for the rest of their lives.

Transforming Relationships through Catalyst Connection Groups
Catalyst Connection Groups are the heartbeat of Catalyst. They are the relationships where we are strengthened, encouraged, and where we process together how to apply to our daily lives what we heard in the weekend worship experience. We encourage everyone who calls Catalyst their church to be a part of a Connection Group because we feel what happens as people share their lives weekly together is greatly important to our growing as followers of Jesus.

Community Events
While we’ll never be a church where everyone knows everyone else at a deep level we’re committed to providing avenues for new relationships to develop and new invitations to join the Catalyst movement can be extended. We believe that connecting together and investing/inviting others to experience something new with God is vital to our existence. So we connect couples together, families together, our connection groups together and our community together through a few strategic events each year.

Community Partnerships
One of our driving passions at Catalyst is to add value in our community and to actually make an exponentially greater difference in the world than our numbers might indicate should be possible. We also believe that there are lots of great people and organizations who are already changing the world here in Pendleton, and in places all over the planet. We are not about re-inventing wheels where it’s not necessary, so we’re committed to partnering well with others to multiply their effectiveness and to really live the loving example of Jesus.

Are there lots of other great things out there we could do? Sure. Other things other great churches are doing? Absolutely. And we are so glad others are doing other great things. We feel that one of the things God has called us to is simplicity. To do a few things well so He gets more credit and more glory from them.